If you would like to contribute pictures with Bible verses on them, here’s how:

Desktop wallpaper:  crop the picture to 1600 X 900 pixels (wide screen) and 1600 X 1200 pixels

keep the center of focus and Bible verse away from the left side of the picture – leave space for at least two rows of icons

if the picture is really good, you can also include a picture cropped to 2880 X 1800 pixels for retina display

Cards: crop the picture to 1275 X 1650 pixels (4.25″ X 5.5″, 300 dpi)  These can be in landscape or portrait – my preference is portrait.

Feel free to contribute pictures without verses on them, or favorite Bible texts.  However I rarely have spare time for putting the pictures together, so finished and formatted pictures are far better for me.

Email your contributions to

You can see examples of backgrounds I’ve put together on this site.  However, I’m working on a new site that is easier to navigate – hopefully it will be ready soon.

My apologies if I don’t get all contributions onto the site.

Remember that God likes to give us wisdom if we ask – even wisdom for sharing pictures of the beauty He’s created and hope through His word.

God bless,



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