God has given us an amazing message of hope in the Bible.  Sadly, most people neglect this message – life getting too busy and obscured pictures of God are among the reasons why.  However, God has many other pictures of hope for those who will take a moment to look.  The beauty in the world around us speaks gently, yet forcibly, of a Creator who cares for us.

I have had the privilege of capturing many of these pictures on my camera.  I find that, when these pictures are combined with messages of hope from the Bible, they become little sources of encouragement to brighten people’s days.  And I pray that they will also encourage viewers to check out the greatest picture of hope we have, which is painted, word by word, in the Bible.
You may freely use any material you find on this site.  Some pictures are sized for cards, some for printing and framing, and others for desktop backgrounds.

If you have a favorite promise you would like to be put on a picture, or if you have a picture to share encouragement with, or both, you can contact me at 1000wordsofhope@mail.com

I also have 2013 calendars available – you can see a preview by selecting the “calendar” tab or icon – contact me for these.

May God show you many reasons to hope in Him



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